Extracurricular activities are proven to enhance the academic experience by providing students the freedom and resources to delve into subjects and pursuits that extend beyond the core curriculum. OMC provides a robust Activities program to encourage discovery outside the walls of the classroom.

Check the list below to see all of our clubs and enrichment opportunities and additional information about them.



Activity Information
Art Club Art Club gives students the chance to learn more about art history and participate in special projects.
Tutoring Individual teachers provide students with additional instruction as needed.
Creative Writing Led by eighth grade teacher Mr. Leonard, Creative Writing gives interested students the chance to pursue imaginative writing projects.
First in Math Students recieve trimester benchmark testing to ensure sure they are making measurable progress.
Gardening Club We would like to bring this offering back and need a parent volunteer to lead students.
Book Club Fifth grade teacher Ms. Byrne guides students through a specially-selected book.
Book Authors Open to second grade students.
Science Explorers We would like to bring this club back and require a parent volunteer to guide our students through fun science projects and experiments
Cooking Club We require a parent volunteer to lead students through the preparation and enjoyment of simple recipes.
Student Council Recently opened to fourth grade students, this activity gives OMC students to lead their peers.
Student Ambassadors Open to fifth through eighth graders, OMC Student Ambassadors represent the school to touring families and at special events.
Kindness Leaders Open to third and fourth graders, OMC Kindness Leaders set an example to our other students to always be compassionate to our neighbors.
Theater Open to fourth through eighth grade, Theater gives students the chance to work together on a creative project.
Chess Club Lower school student meet regularly with parent moderators to develop critical and strategic thinking skills.
Robotics/Advanced Robotics In partnership with La Salle College High School, students in fourth through eighth grade work together on complicated robotics problems.
CYO Sports Open to all grade levels, the parish gives students the chance to participate in sports including basketball and cross country. They also hold an end of year kickball tournament.
Spirituality/Service OMC students in eighth grade can become spiritual leaders through out Peer Ministry program.
Spirit Day Students regularly participate in OMC Spirit Days by wearing their OMC gear.
CARES (After school care) Available to all grades.
Rendell Center OMC recently partnered with this organizaiton to help students become engaged citizens and community leaders.
STEM Challenge We would like to bring this offering back and need a parent volunteer to lead students.
Honors Math Expanded to include fourth through eighth graders, Sister Maryanne and Mr. Yanez teach high-achieving students advanced math courses.

Insterested in starting a new offering? Dr. Sheetz encourages new club proposal opportunities for students with a parent or faculty moderator.