Our Mother of Consolation Parish School is a vital part of the parish community, the local community, and the broader community.

In the wake of our tragic fire, OMC’s brothers and sisters in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill community, and beyond rallied to our side to ensure the survival of our school. Thanks to their support, we are now holding classes at Chestnut Hill College and beginning to rebuild.

This strong sense of connection to Chestnut Hill and the greater Philadelphia area is a core aspect of our belief system. OMC relies heavily on the Volunteerism of school parents to keep the school humming and vibrant each day. When parents make a commitment of their time and talents to the school community, they provide a model of volunteerism and community spirit to their children, our students. This positive example is then channeled to the broader circles of parish, local community, and beyond.

OMC students and families volunteering during Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

OMC as a School Community

OMC Parish School is a community within itself. It is made up of families who share Christian values and collaborate to raise their children in a manner consistent with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a place where families become friends.

OMC School in the Parish Community

OMC Parish School and its students are a vital part of the larger OMC Parish Community. The parish community is led by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales (since 1999) and the Sisters of St. Joseph (who have been involved in OMC School since its founding in 1862). OMC students participate in the sacramental life of the parish by serving on the altar at mass and reading during the Liturgy. Second graders receive First Holy Communion and First Reconciliation. Seventh graders receive Confirmation.

Students actively support many parish endeavors including clothing and food drives for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, toy collection and delivery for Operation Santa Claus, and delivery of poinsettias and Valentines to the homebound during the holidays.

OMC CYO fosters the Christian values of respect, compassion, and support. The athletic program allows all children of the parish to interact in a fun and active setting to provide healthy growth and development through games, practice, and teamwork. Parents and volunteer coaches join their children to create a positive community experience.

OMC School in the Local Community

OMC is located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, bordering on Springfield Township, Montgomery County. OMC students come from 16 different nearby zip codes including Mt Airy, Germantown, East Falls, Wyndmoor, Erdenheim, and numerous other nearby locations.

OMC utilizes all of the resources in the Chestnut Hill Community to provide a well-rounded education for its students. For example, local field trips to the  Philadelphia Library and Woodmere Art Museum are common. Student assemblies from local organizations such as the firehouse complement in-class learning.

Sports teams use local facilities to hold practices and play home games. Students get involved in many local activities, such as submitting stories and artwork to the Chestnut Hill Local and Christmas caroling. Younger students visit the nearby retirement community during the holiday seasons to sing songs and visit with the residents. Local food banks are the recipients of the students’ holiday food drives.

OMC recognizes its responsibility to the environment through recycling. Electronically mailed weekly notes and reminders reduce the use of paper and conserve resources.

Involvement at the local level, fostered in a nurturing and Christ-centered setting, prepares students to become informed, energetic, and committed contributors within the global community.