OMC adheres to the core curriculum required by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania.  Click here to visit the Archdiocese web site and view the curriculum information.


As a Catholic school, teaching of the Catholic Faith, Catholic Values, and the Way of Our Lord is at the heart of everything we do. All students attend religion classes and participate in regularly scheduled liturgies and prayer services that are designed to foster spiritual growth and renewal.

Our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program is provided for students in Pre-K, K, and First Grade to introduce children to Jesus and prayer in a gentle way at an early age.

Beyond learning the principals of the Catholics faith, students follow the early development of the faith through the Old Testament stories. The New Testament is the text for the upper grades as they analyze the teaching of Jesus and study the development of the Church after His Death and Resurrection in the Act of Apostles. By 8th grade Church history is examined and Catholic Christian morality is a central topic of discussion.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts Program follows the national Common Core Standards. The Standards establish an ascending spiral of skills and concepts related to reading, writing, speaking and listening from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Reading includes developing foundational reading skills, learning to read and appreciate a variety of literary genres and reading for informational purposes.

In their writing students develop an ever-increasing sophistication of language use, from vocabulary and syntax, to the development and coordination of ideas. They address increasingly demanding content and ideas.

The students learn to master the conventions of the English language and communicate their ideas effectively through the spoken word. In turn, they develop abilities to be considerate, analytical listeners.


The Mathematics Curriculum is a carefully planned program that focuses on understanding of basic concepts and mastery of skills, and applying these skills through extensive instruction and practice. Consistent with the state and national standards for mathematics instruction, the curriculum focuses on problem solving, which is considered vital to every skill developed. The curriculum also places strong emphasis on communicating mathematically, making real-life and content area connections and developing reasoning skills.


The Science Curriculum focuses on the basic concepts of physical, earth, and life science. Students learn to apply the scientific method to their study of concepts and carry out experiments in a spirit of inquiry.

  • Physical Science topics include:  Forms of Matter, Heat, Sound, Light, Motion, Force, Energy and Machines
  • Earth Science topics include:  The Water Cycle, Atmosphere, Oceanography, Plate Tectonics, Astronomy, Geology, Meteorology and Natural Resouces.
  • Life Science topics include: The Senses, Plant and Animal Structure, Cell Theory, Body Systems, Biology, Microbiology, Botany, Taxonomy, Ecology and Eco systems.
  • LabLearner coming September 2018

Social Studies

The Social Studies Curriculum is based upon the National Council for the Social Studies Scope and Sequence. The goals of the Social Studies Curriculum include the development of knowledge, skills, values and social participation appropriate to the students’ age and grade level. Students study about their neighborhood, community, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Western Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere and United States history. Geography is incorporated throughout the various content areas.


There are two major areas of focus in the use of technology in our school: basic technology skills and specific curricular applications of technology. Some of the topics covered are general computer literacy, word processing, spread sheets, and applications of Microsoft Office such as Excel, Access, Power Point, and graphics incorporation.

Other Specialty Programs

In addition to technology, other specialty programs that students attend on a weekly basis are Music, Art/Art History, STREAM, Spanish Language, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Musical Theater, Choir, Instrumental Music and Physical Education.