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We wanted a parish school. My wife and I had both attended our parish schools growing up and had fantastic experiences. We considered other schools in the area but they weren’t the parish school… they felt disconnected somehow.

– Peter and Colleen Amuso, OMC Parents

The last year-plus has been a very difficult one, as we have lost friends, family, and loved ones to Covid-19. Even those that have survived a serious bout with the virus, are still wrestling with complications that may last a lifetime. Our work and family lives have been in a near-constant state of duress since this crisis began, with little else besides faith to sustain us. Given all the turmoil and uncertainty around us, my wife and I found some solace and comfort within the OMC community. Two of our daughters attend the 2nd grade, and our youngest is in 1st. We made the decision to keep them home —  attending school virtually instead. Their safety above all else was our greatest concern, but this was still a difficult choice to make given how much our daughters look forward to seeing their friends and engaging with OMC’s teachers and staff. This truly is their second home, and to deny them the opportunity to be in a place they enjoy was not a decision we took lightly. While learning remotely has not been ideal, the thoroughness and professionalism of the OMC teachers and staff have been nothing short of phenomenal. It is not lost on us the great sacrifice many have made to be physically present for students. They’ve also had to take on the dual responsibility of teaching virtually, while also managing students in-person. Despite these obstacles, the transition was handled fairly seamlessly in our minds. As a parent who also has the pleasure of serving on the HSA, I get to see firsthand another thing that makes OMC so very special, and it is the commitment from fellow parents to ensure OUR children receive a quality educational experience. Together we have navigated many of the twists and turns presented by this crisis with great success. Our children are progressing academically and still enjoy school even in a virtual setting. This could not have been possible without the spiritual direction of Father Bazzoli, OSFS, the leadership of Principal Sheetz, and the countless contributions of teachers and staff. We are especially thankful for the work of the wonderful faculty and staff. They are the personification of faith in action and precisely the reason why we chose OMC over the myriad of options available to us.  It truly does take a village to raise a child, and that’s exactly what we have here at OMC. A community of thoughtful, caring, passionate adults at the ready, who will work tirelessly to ensure our children receive the education they deserve — no matter the obstacles before them. This attribute has strengthened our resolve to remain OMC parents and is the “secret sauce” that makes our school such a very special place.

                      -Barry and Kathy Wilkins, OMC Parents


As a parish school, we provide the unique opportunity for our students to be fully involved in the life of the parish as they pursue their elementary education. Under the leadership of our Principal, Mrs. Patricia Sheetz, and our faith-filled faculty, our parish school provides an environment that allows for the academic, spiritual and moral development of each child. In addition, our school is blessed by the presence of two Religious Communities, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales and the Sister of St. Joseph, who share their spiritual traditions with the faculty, staff, and students.

– Father Bob Bazzoli, Pastor

I’m impressed by the seriousness of the students and the level of support that we get from the parents and the administration. This is the type of school where you go from one class to another and see that every one is on the same page.

– Richard Leonard, OMC Teacher