Lead the Charge: 160 for 160

Our Mother of Consolation Parish School is reaching out to donors from the school community, alumni, and parish to ensure a strong future for students with $160,000 for our 160th year.

#iGiveCatholic along with Bag Bingo and Baggo were the first steps in this ambitious yearlong drive to celebrate OMC’s past and build its future. Thanks to the generosity of this community, we raised $6,971.04 during our #iGiveCatholic Campaign.

This brings our total fundraising for this academic year to $14,246.

160 for 160 doesn’t stop at Giving Tuesday. We and our partners are working hard this year to invest in our school, students, and teachers to ensure we can continue delivering an unmatched Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We will raise money to support the following initiatives:

  • Academic enhancements
  • Infrastructure renewal
  • Security investments
  • Technological upgrade
  • Teacher retention and support
  • Revitalize outdoor play and recreation spaces
  • Increase scholarships and Financial Aid

160 for 160 will continue to raise funds for these initiatives through the following events:

  • OMC’s Bag Bingo – November 18th
  • Annual Appeal – Beginning January
  • Trivia Night – February 25th
  • OMC Celebrates 160 – April 14th
  • OMC’s Walkathon – Date to be determined

With your help, we will be able to strengthen OMC’s school community, invest in its future, and ensure that Catholic education remains accessible for all families.

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