OMC Student Council 2021-2022

Peer Ministry

Our Peer Ministry Group making meatless meals.

Art Club

Our Art Club is run by our Art Teacher Mrs. Miranda Clark Binder and is offered to students in grades 1-4.


For many, participation in athletics, whether informal or formal, is a wonderful lifelong memory.  At OMC, we understand the need for young children to be active, not only to ensure healthy bodies, but also to stimulate healthy minds.  A full day of school can be a challenge for anyone, no matter what their age, without a break for physical exercise.  We offer the opportunity for each child to participate in physical activity at his or her own pace in a variety of settings.  Through informal play at recess, a structured physical education curriculum, and various athletic opportunities, each child is encouraged to have fun, be active, and be healthy!


Every day, each grade has recess. Recess takes places in the schoolyard. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to make up their own games, form their own groups, and jump into the action at their own pace. Unstructured play not only provides the opportunity to enjoy physical exercise, but it also provides our students with the opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking, leadership skills, and creativity. Informal play is one place where children can feel free to design their own rules without adult interference and direction and understand how to “play within the rules” for the enjoyment of all. If you aren’t sure, volunteer to be a lunch monitor and assist with supervising recess. You’ll see just how creative these children can get!

Guided Physical Education

Once a week, each grade has gym class.

Following the standards of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the curriculum is broken up into two 3-week units followed by 1 week of fitness activities. The curriculum is broken up into two parts to accommodate varying age and skill levels.

Grades Pre-K through 3rd focus on locomotor, motor planning, manipulative, and introductory skills.

Grades 4-8 focus on the skills needed to play a variety of sports including football, Frisbee, soccer, basketball, and handball.  In addition to participation in fitness activities after each 3-week unit, students of all grades learn about health concepts such as fitness, nutrition, and the body systems.

Please visit our Physical Education page for more details.

Team Sports

Our Mother of Consolation has an extensive CYO Sports Program that caters to each of the varied interest and competitive levels within the school population.

Pee Wee Sports (Grades PK-4)

The Pee Wee Sports program is a fun way for our youngest athletes to participate in and enjoy sports. The program is offered under the direction of the Pee Wee Sports Coordinator and focuses on age-appropriate athletic development. The primary focus is for these athletes to have fun, make friends, and develop technical, psychological, and social skills through sport.

Currently, the Pee Wee program offers the following sports:

  • Soccer (Oct-Nov)
  • Basketball (Mar-Apr)

Registration Forms:

Varsity and Junior Varsity Program (Grades 5-8)

Coaches at this level assess the athletes and their readiness to progress into a more competitive environment. While the focus remains on having fun and developing friendships, the Varsity and Junior Varsity Program incorporates higher levels of technical sport proficiency, teamwork, and competition. Grades 5 and 6 play on Junior Varsity while Grades 7 and 8 play on Varsity. These programs also extend into high school for those who wish to continue playing for their CYO team. For complete information, including current contacts and registration forms, about our CYO program (which includes sports, community service, spiritual and social activities), please visit our Parish CYO page.

Currently, the Varsity and Junior Varsity program offers the following sports:

  • Basketball (Oct-Jan)
  • Track (Mar-Jun)
  • Cross Country
  • Football