Mrs. Madeline Leonard


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Teaching Philosophy

I am a strong believer of creating a classroom environment and planning lessons that facilitate and guide learning. When teachers purposefully involve children in their learning through hands on exploration and discovery, students create meaning and knowledge of their world. In an early childhood classroom, that entails designing a space and planning activities where students can test out their ideas, problem solve, communicate and learn early literacy, math, writing and science skills. Teachers set the stage and are facilitators of learning as students absorb and create meaning. Along with facilitating the education of the young child, the stage should also be set to help the whole child to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually.

I believe that it is important at the start of a school year to create a community of learners. When students learn to respect and support one another it creates a positive, warm and nurturing space to learn and grow. Along with creating a strong community of learners within the classroom, it is crucial to work with families and involve parents in what is happening in their child’s education. When educators and families collaborate, support one another and problem solve, it helps to foster a child who will have a life time of success in learning.


  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Development, Elementary Education, and Special Education from Temple University
  • PA Instructional Certification
  • Elementary Certification
  • Early Childhood Certification