OMC is a richly diverse school community rooted in our goal to be a place where differences are to be understood, respected, valued, and appreciated.

We are a school that has children from a variety of socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. We are proud of that and we work to keep it that way – to maintain a balance. If children have the opportunity to live and work and play with each other from Kindergarten or Pre K through 8th grade, they are better prepared to go out into the world and make a difference. High school is often too late.

Our diversity is multi-dimensional and united in Christ

We are socio-economically, ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse. While our school’s identity and the bulk of our students are proudly Roman Catholic, we have numerous non-Catholic Christians in our school as well. We are, in all dimensions, the people of God.

Our diversity teaches us about God’s family

Because OMC is diverse in nearly every respect, when we proclaim that we are all children of God, OMC students understand that God’s family includes all who want to follow Jesus, not just people of a certain race or socio-economic status. OMC students experience the beautiful universality of the Catholic Church not as an abstract idea but as a fact of their daily lives.

Our diversity makes us better thinkers and doers

Diversity prepares our students for a world that is increasingly diverse and interconnected. Life at OMC helps them to learn the life habits of transcending barriers and finding genuine community. Those skills will be essential to true success in the 21st Century.

Our diversity is part of the solution

Segregation by wealth, educational levels, and race is increasing at alarming rates in our society. OMC defies that trend. OMC is blessed with a diversity that enriches our community and immerses our Children in discipleship.

Our diversity makes us grow in unexpected ways

OMC has become a welcoming home to many children of mixed-race families and families that include adopted children from other cultures. All are welcome here and all join in a gentle learning community centered on Christ. Our diversity has helped us grow to be more of what God wants us to be for one another.