Ms. Colleen Byrne


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Teaching Philosophy

As a middle school educator, my teaching philosophy centers on fostering strong and meaningful student relationships while igniting a passion for learning in the realms of reading, writing, religion, and science. I believe that creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment is essential for students to thrive academically and emotionally. By building positive connections with my students, I can better understand their unique needs, interests, and challenges, allowing me to tailor my teaching approach accordingly.

In the realm of literature, I seek to inspire a love for reading by introducing students to diverse literary works that reflect their own identities and cultures, as well as those from around the world. I encourage open discussions to explore different perspectives and enhance critical thinking skills. In the realm of writing, I aim to nurture students’ creativity and self-expression, providing guidance that empowers them to find their unique voice as writers. Science is a field of curiosity and wonder, and I strive to instill these qualities in my students. Through hands-on experiments and exploration, I encourage them to ask questions, make predictions, and analyze results, promoting a deeper understanding of the natural world. 

Ultimately, my teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing a love for learning, encouraging critical thinking, and embracing empathy and inclusivity. I aspire to empower my students to become lifelong learners, compassionate individuals, and responsible global citizens, well-prepared to contribute positively to the world around them.

Overview of Curriculum

I am the 5th and 6th ELA teacher, 6th grade Science teacher, and 7th and 8th Religion teacher. In ELA we will be using HMH Into Reading Curriculum to enhance students’ reading comprehension skills. We will also focus on the use of figurative language, poetry, and novel studies. Students will pre-write, write, edit, and publish their writing pieces as well as continue to expand their writing by using the writing process. 

For science, we will focus on Earth Science topics and geology. We will conduct various experiments and projects throughout the year. 

7th grade Religion focuses on expanding the student’s knowledge of the Catholic Church and fostering in depth conversations on the Old and New Testament. 

8th grade Religion focuses on the Catholic Church and its history, how it was established, and how the traditions of our faith were created. 

Educational Background

M.S in Early Childhood/ Special Education from Gwynedd Mercy University (In progress)

B.S in Early Childhood/ Special Education from Bloomsburg University (2021)

Graduated from John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School (2017)