Seventh Grade

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Seventh Grade

Susan Canio

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Teaching Philosophy

Our faith teaches us to include all and serve all, no matter their walk in life. Therefore, while covering the traditional themes of history, I expect students to look at the contributors of history who are often “unsung” in our texts. This emphasizes the ideal that we all have something to positively contribute to the world.

The classroom is an early glimpse into life in the working world. To this end, I incorporate group activities, partner work, and strong presentation and public speaking skills into lessons. I am a project-based educator and know that clear instructions and expectations, including deadlines, mirror what is expected in a career one day. Students who learn to “teach” what they know become experts in their learning. I hope they “teach” you at the dinner table what they learned in school each day!

Overview of Curriculum

As the Seventh Grade homeroom teacher and the Social Studies chair, I teach students from Grades 5-8.

As the social studies chair, I meet with all the teachers to discuss the curriculum, assess resources, and plan collaboratively. Specifically working with the fifth grade teacher, I become familiar with individual student’s strengths and struggles in learning, their best learning styles, and the content they studied during fifth grade which I will build on for the next three years. I always start my year with a diagnostic pre-test of the curriculum of the past and current years to learn what the students retained over the summer break.

Teaching fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students gives me the unique opportunity to incorporate the Archdiocese curriculum goals, building skills and content knowledge over the four years. For eighth graders, I look to the ninth and tenth grade curricula of the schools our students historically attend to help them prepare for their high school years.

Sixth Grade Social Studies covers the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia) with continued emphasis on strengthening geography and research skills.

Seventh Grade Social Studies is a study of US History from the arrival of Native Americans to the US Civil War.  Current events, the Documents of Freedom, the election process, citizenship, and public speaking skills are topics this year.

Eighth Grade Social Studies continues the study of US History from the US Civil War to present day. Students continue with current events, explore themes in history, research the impact of inventions, and study landmark US Supreme Court decisions.

Seventh Grade Religion is the study of the New Testament, with an emphasis on the Gospels. This beautiful message of God’s love, through the gift of His Son, is the essence of our faith. Students learn to compare and contrast the Gospels, study the early history of the Church through the Acts of the Apostles, and continue their study of Holy Days, Feast Days, and prayers of the Catholic Church. In order to “Live the Gospels,” the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church will be an emphasis in religion, science, and social studies lessons.

Sixth Grade Science includes units on geology, weather, physical science, cells and human body systems.  During the year, students continue using the scientific method to study topics, practice process skills through labs, and report their findings through various presentation skills.

 Fifth Grade Math