Mr. Mark Vrooman

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Teaching Philosophy

My name is Mr. Mark Vrooman and I will be teaching seventh grade here at OMC.

As a middle school teacher, I am aware that I will be working with students experiencing many “firsts” in their lives – first time teenagers, first time changing classes in school, first time having multiple teachers, perhaps the first time having greater responsibility and accountability than in previous years regarding their academic schedule, etc.  I believe that all children are unique children of God and handle many of these things in different ways.  Therefore, they must be in an environment where they can grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at their own pace.  All students are challenged to meet their full potential, and they depend on their teachers/mentors to help them do this.  I believe it is necessary to use a variety of teaching methods so that I can discover which method works best for each student.

When students come into my class, I want them to feel safe and loved in their uniqueness.  Regarding their academic achievement, I believe their grades are necessarily important, but their self-esteem and personal development are even more so.  Not every student can excel academically, but all can excel as a child fully loved by God.

Overview of Curriculum



Bachelor’s degree in sport management from Ithaca College.
Master’s degree in education, middle grades mathematics concentration from Temple University.
Taught 4 years at Ridley middle school and 1 year at Mastery Thomas Charter School.