Melissa Nash
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Teaching Philosophy

While “Children are our future” is a commonly heard saying, I believe that parents and teachers are the keys to open the children’s futures. Teachers do this by providing a combination of skills, knowledge, and creative thinking and problem solving. Children should learn to love learning as many significant learning episodes in their lives should be self-directed and self-initiated. Teachers should also assist students in forming their moral and spiritual sides as they grow.  Pride in work, honesty, and a desire to be “all they can be” will prepare students for their continuing education and their futures.

Overview of Curriculum

The technology program is based on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s guidelines, which develops skills and knowledge in six areas:

  • Keyboarding
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Multimedia
  • Research and Communication
  • Internet Safety and Responsibility

Kindergarten begins the development of skills in mousing, opening and closing programs, basic keyboarding and multimedia and “niceness” to the machines.

First and Second grades continue to develop the basic skills using Word, Paint, PowerPoint.  They begin guided use of the Internet and they are introduced to Internet Safety.

Third Grade begins Spreadsheets and on-line application use while continuing to develop their skills in earlier applications.

Fourth through eighth Grades continue to develop the Office Suite skills.

Given the increased dependence on the Internet, we are vigilant in providing continuous instruction in Internet Safety, Netiquette and anti-cyber bullying.

Finally, technology instruction is often framed in terms of lessons being taught in the students’ regular classes.


  • Bachelor of Design in Architecture University of Florida
  • Master of Architecture University of Florida
  • Master of Arts in Architecture in Architectural History Princeton University


  • Graduate teaching assistant at University of Florida and Princeton University for 5 years – teaching architectural Drawing, Design and Theory
  • Full time teaching at University of Florida and Florida A&M University for 8 years – teaching Architectural Drawing, design and history
  • Tutoring high school students for college preparation tests – SAT and ACT tutoring in Reading, Writing and Math – 10 years
  • Substitute teaching at OMC from 2002-2007
  • Full time teaching at OMC since 2007