Ms.  Miriam Rodriguez

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Spanish Curriculum Overview

Stage 1
For grades PreK to 2, students will learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language with such subject matter as greetings, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, etc.  Students will engage in games, songs and call and response activities to demonstrate their knowledge of the basics.

Stage 2
For grades 3 to 5, students will practice a more intermediate level of the Spanish language in which reading and writing will begin to be emphasized.  All lectures revolve around central questions that need to be answered and students are expected to grasp the vocabulary so that they can respond orally as well as in writing.

Stage 3
For grades 6 to 8, students will receive a faster paced version of all of the basics, overviews of more complex grammatical structures and will then be able to relate it to a broader picture of history and culture.  Students will be able to conjugate verbs and get a foundational knowledge of the evolution of the Spanish language and how the culture came to be what it is today from Spain to Latin America.