These are the personal experiences and perspectives of various parents and alumni.  Each reflects a unique perspective on OMC Parish School while reinforcing the core fabric of OMC Parish School: Catholic Values and Academic Excellence in a Parish School Setting.

OMC: The Right Choice for Our Family by Doug and Jennifer Kubinski

OMC: A Gold Mine by Dr. Amy Giddings

OMC: A Parish School Serving a Wider Catholic Community in Northwest Philadelphia by Eric and Anna Fontenot

OMC: Waiting with Open Arms by Peter and Colleen Amuso

OMC: An Excellent Choice by Dr. Louise Jakubik

A Catholic Education at OMC: Priceless by Katie Boyle, OMC Class of 2008 and Mount Saint Joseph’s Academy Class of 2012

Four Friends Journey from OMC to the Ivy League by Jim Gauger, Catholic Standard and Times May 2011