Home and School Association

The OMC Home & School Association is a parent-led organization that works with administration, teachers, and other parents to ensure that school operations are running smoothly.  Working with Mrs. Patricis Sheetz, Principal, parents contribute their time, treasure, and talent to support the efforts of school faculty, and to create opportunities for social and spiritual interaction that are in keeping with the mission of the school.

We are particularly grateful to the following parents who have volunteered to serve on the Home and School Board and thereby lead the efforts to develop, plan, and run our many events.

President Aileen Harbour
Vice President Allie Dolan
Treasurers Andrea Horos
Secretary Liz Matthew
Past President Sean Plover
Homeroom Support Christie Foley
Spirituality Coordinator Paul Cillo
Social Coordinators Suzanne Danella, Angela Dobbins, Melissa Sullivan, Kathy Wilkins, and Liz Vogelbacker
Volunteer Coordinators Miranda Clark Binder and Allie Dolan
Hot Lunch Coordinators Keisha Miles and Maya Brown
Soiree Committee Home and School Association
Bag Bingo Committee Chrissy Plover
Trivia Night Committee  Mary Sprandio, Niev Lindbloom, Jasmine Montague

Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month in the school, and all are welcome to attend.  The By-Laws for HSA can be found here:  Home And School By-Laws

A school is not a building but rather a coming together of families, teachers, and staff. Since the largest of these groups is the families, it is they, most significantly, who engender a tone of positive, constructive, and contagious energy. At OMC, we are blessed with families who have a passion to contribute their time, talent, and treasure so that our school can be a successful conduit for the world’s knowledge and Our Lord’s teachings. In addition to the benefits of extra hands and keeping costs down, having parents involved and visible at school on a daily basis demonstrates an atmosphere of service which the children then assimilate. When they see their own parents, as well as others they may know, working together and supporting the efforts of the school staff, it creates a sense of duty and community which in turn creates a sustained sense of family. A sense of family creates a sense of comfort and when children are comfortable in school, learning is easier. Finally, as the children go off into the world they will carry forth their witness of positive participation which can only help make for a better society.

All these reasons inform the school’s requirement that each family volunteer in some capacity.

From coaching CYO sports to lunch mothers to fundraising committees, parents provide time, talent, and treasure that result in dividends for the students.

For those parents not yet involved, please pick an area that suits you and jump in! The OMC Volunteer Guidelines include a comprehensive list of opportunities as well as detailed instructions on obtaining clearances.

If you need help finding a fit, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators, who will be happy to help you find an opportunity that matches your schedule and interests.

Miranda Clark Binder @[email protected] or Allie Dolan [email protected] 

For those parents already committed, please review OMC Emergency Procedures to best prepare for unexpected emergencies. Thank you for your time, commitment and dedication to our school!

OMC Parish School benefits greatly from its many volunteers.  Whether a parent volunteers for lunch duty, or a grandparent attends a field trip, or any OMC community member helps in any way, our students benefit from a strong home and school partnership.

Please Note: ANY person that volunteers at OMC Parish School MUST have all of the required clearances completed BEFORE volunteering.  Please refer to page 8 of the Volunteer Guidelines document for more information, and for links to complete clearances. Clearances are required for one-time volunteering (e.g., class party, field trip) and for ongoing opportunities (e.g., lunch parent, classroom helper).


Volunteer Requirements

From the Office of Youth and Child Protection

FBI Fingerprint Clearance

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

Protecting God’s Children

Mandated Reporter Training