Mr. Dean Kline

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Class Dojo

Teaching Philosophy

Kindergarten is a wonderful place to be. Learning builds confidence and opens up an ever-growing world of imagination and wonder. That said, being part of a group can be intimidating. Having new expectations and needing to achieve new goals regularly can be scary.

My job isn’t to manage all of that for the students … it’s to give them the tools to manage it themselves.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

In our kindergarten, children certainly learn Math, ELA, STREAM, Social Studies, Science and Religion. Better still, they learn how to be mindful, caring, kind neighbors and friends.

Overview of Curriculum

ELA – “Journeys Reader’s Notebook”, Fry Sight Words

Math – McGraw Hill’s “My Math”

Science/STREAM – Wherever the world takes us! Focus on the skills of observation and discovery

Social Studies – Using various sources, we cover everything from citizenry to map making, history to geology etc.

Religion – Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programming supported by the “Christ Our Life” text and other various sources

Educational Background and Experience

I’ve been part of the OMC community since 2010, as a volunteer, parent, classroom spiritual advisor, teaching assistant and teacher.

Prior to that I worked in advertising and branding following a short stretch as a journalist and editor. I have a B.S. in Writing from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.