Liz Lasek

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Teaching Philosophy

“Creativity takes courage.” In this simple statement Henri Matisse tells us that art has no boundaries if we do not fear stepping outside of ourselves. I want every student to have the courage to be creative and I believe that every student is capable of producing art.

I want students to be excited about art. It is important that they understand that art is not just a painting in a frame – it is texture, color, pattern and form. By exposing the students to a variety of mediums I hope each of them can find the artist within themselves. I introduce the students to a multitude of artists and art forms so that they learn there are many ways to create art. As Edgar Degas simply states, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” I believe every student has the power to imagine and in turn produce pieces that others will clearly view as art.

My background and hands-on experience with creating my own inspiration boards, color palettes and unique patterns brings a fresh and youthful approach to art classes at OMC. It is important that students know the history of art in its many forms, but I would like them to have the freedom to become an artist of the present. I encourage them to share their own personal knowledge and experience with art. Their contributions can provide invaluabe insights into the creative process of young minds.


  • Bachelor of Science in Textile Design from Philadelphia University
  • Studio Art Classes at Chestnut Hill College
  • OMC substitute art teacher and art classroom aide from 2008-2012
  • OMC After-CARES instructor since 2006
  • OMC classroom aide in grades K-2
  • After-school art classes at OMC since 2011