Parents and guardians must review and sign all documents. Please contact the school office with any questions.

Student Handbook Agreement: Parents and guardians can find the student handbook here.

Code of Courtesy Agreement Grades K through 8: The Code of Courtesy is unique to OMC Parish School, and more information can be found here.  Please print the pages that are relevant to your child(ren)’s grades, sign and return to the homeroom teacher.

Anti-bullying Agreement:  Parent and Guardians can find OMC’s Anti-Bullying policy here.

Medication and Allergy Forms and Policies

Cell Phone Registration Form:  Grades 3-8 ONLY

Technology Use Form


Online Photo Media Release Consent

Electronic Consent with Minors

OMC Handbook

OMC PreK Handbook

CARES Handbook

Anti-bullying Policy

Technology Policy

Statement on Technology and Christian Spirituality