Lunch/Pretzel/Milk Orders

//Lunch/Pretzel/Milk Orders
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Grades Kindergarten through Eight ONLY

Welcome to the new page for Hot Lunch, Pretzel and Milk Orders – new this year, we will be taking these orders online.  See each form for info on ordering and paying.

PLEASE NOTE #1: These orders will be monthly only, not weekly or daily.  Also, we will only be offering small pretzels this year, at a cost of $.45 each

PLEASE NOTE #2: Once we reach the deadlines for these orders, we will disable the form, and no late orders will be accepted.  If we do not receive your payment by the due date, we cannot complete the order.

PLEASE NOTE #3.  Separate checks must be sent in for milk, pretzel and lunch orders.  You can combine the orders for each one per family, but each category must have a separate payment.

For pretzel and milk questions, please contact the school office.

Hot Lunch Orders Due Friday, April 26

May/June Hot Lunch Order Form

We are still in need of parent volunteers to begin the Hot Lunch Program. If interested, please contact Thank you!  Please fill out the hot lunch order form here: Hot Lunch Order Form

Pretzel Orders due Wednesday, September 25

October 2019 Pretzel Order

Milk Orders due Wednesday, September 25

October 2019 Milk Order Form