Grades Kindergarten through Eight ONLY

Orders for Milk, Pretzels and Hot Lunch for February are due by Friday, January 17.

There is a new ordering process for lunch. We will not be using Option C.  However, you may order everything together, Milk, Pretzels and Hot Lunch and pay once online by credit card or bank account.  Orders will not be processed without payment.  No late orders will be accepted.

Please see the detail and link for ordering below, this is also now available on the website.

PLEASE NOTE #1:  You must list the student’s name and grade.   When you change the quantity it allows you to add another student name.  You can add Tom twice if he wants a whole sandwich or add a different student name.  Please be sure to add their numerical grade so the item can be delivered to the correct classroom.

PLEASE NOTE #2: MONTHLY ORDERS ONLY.  These orders are for the full month only, not weekly or daily.

PLEASE NOTE #3: NO LATE ORDERS. Once we reach the deadlines for these orders, we will disable the form, and no late orders will be accepted.  You must complete payment in order to submit your order. (Pay by credit card or from your bank, no more checks!)

Any questions please contact

For pretzel and milk questions, please contact the school office.

Hot Lunch/Pretzel and Milk Orders