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The OMC Home and School Association Presents

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OMC’s Trivia Night
Family Edition
Saturday, February 27, 2021
Starts at 5:45, Trivia 6-8pm

Individual $35.00


This year we are trying something NEW and getting the whole family involved! Families are encouraged to gather friends, grandparents, and children to play an exciting game of trivia! Test your knowledge and enjoy some friendly competition with our OMC community! Questions will be challenging enough for adults, but engaging for kids and focused on family-friendly subjects.


FIRST! Buy your tickets and register your team, up to 10 players per team. Adults are $35 but kids play free. We will send you a zoom link for the trivia night. For team members who can’t all be present together, set up your team by using a separate platform like FaceTime or Google Hangout.  Or play as an individual! Play 5 rounds of trivia, with prizes for each round.


Free passes are $10 each – you may purchase up to 5, use 1 per round. Use a free pass get a free point!


  1. Register as an individual or as a team by February 22. Teams must register their team name and list all their players.
    1. Adult team members/individuals are $35 each; kids under 18 are FREE
    2. Teams can be up to 10 people, or you can play as individual. Families are encouraged to play!

Examples of teams:

2 Parents and 2 kids

4 family members joined with another family of 4

5 couples

6 kids and 2 parents and 2 grandparents.

Your team does not have to add up to 10 people, but you may not have more than 10 people (kids and adults) on a team. You are responsible for organizing remote participation among your team members on a separate device or application.


  1. Purchase Free Passes: You may buy up to 5 passes when you register your team . Only 1 can be used per round. Passes are $10 each and can be redeemed for one correct answer. To redeem mark FP next to your answer.
  2. Teams should designate a TEAM CAPTAIN. This person will submit answers via email after each round. Each team will be responsible for keeping track of their own score. Rules for individual play are the same as for teams, but individuals will be scored against other registered individuals.
  3. On Trivia Night, log onto the Zoom link provided. Organize members of your team around 1 device showing the trivia questions. Use another application or another device to connect with members of your team who are not physically present with you. Please note that if you plan to use  Zoom to remotely connect with your team, you will need to use a separate device since you cannot run two Zoom sessions at once on the same computer. Scores will be announced after each round. A fun prize, unrelated to trivia scores, will also be awarded after each round.
  1. Trivia winners will be announced at the end of the event, and via email.


If you have questions please email