Junior Book Club

Junior Book Club is an after school activity for students enrolled in Pre-K to 3rd grade. It is designed to encourage a love of reading in our young emergent readers while strengthening and broadening the appeal of reading for our more independent readers. Junior Book Club exposes students to a variety of literary genres and authors each week.

Junior Book Club aims to build a love for literature and reading in our youngest students by sharing books and authors that appeal to their interests. Each week a book is selected and read to the club. The books selected could be focused on a holiday, an important person or event from history, the seasons, a specific author, or a student selected story. The students have the opportunity to discuss and explore the themes of the selection and share their thoughts and observations during the “Book Talk” portion of the meeting.

After the “Book Talk” students are engaged in a creative response activity or craft that ties into the story. The students are encouraged to spread their creative wings and really expand upon and explore the story through this creative outlet. Afterwards, Junior Book Club members are encouraged to retell and share the stories we have read with their families and friends.

Junior Book Club Registration 2016