Gardening Club

As the weather warms up in early Spring and buds begin to appear, so does our Gardening Club reconvene. Once the weather makes our very own OMC Greenhouse hospitable, the Gardening Club, open to students in all grades, meets weekly to select and plant seeds, nurture the seedlings, and grow a variety of houseplants, flowers and vegetables. The children learn about plant biology and cultivation through hands-on work. When the vegetable seedlings mature, the Gardening Club hosts a sale so that families can start their own vegetable gardens at home. The club is also proud to grow the flowering plants that are delivered by upper grade students working with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society to the homebound members of our parish community. Finally, the Gardening Club has in some years planted and tended an outdoor vegetable garden behind the convent and flowers in front of the school. Lessons learned in school about ecology and nutrition and beauty can come to life out in the garden and greenhouse!

Gardening and Healthy Eating Registration Fall 2016