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August Pre-K4 information packet

Teaching Philosophy

Throughout the years I spent obtaining my education and putting it into practice, I was always of firm mind that all children can learn. As educators, it is our obligation to give them the optimum experience that builds on the individual abilities they bring to school with them each day. I truly love the early childhood years and the way each child navigates through them. The most important goal I have as a teacher every year is to nurture each child’s individuality and desire to learn while helping them become part of our class and school community. First experiences in school are so very important and if my students are waking up each morning excited with the possibility of what lies ahead of them that day at school, then I am doing my job.

Overview of Curriculum

Pre-K has it all! It is such a wonderful year of growth, learning and friendship. Pre-K is equal parts academic and social. Socially, the Pre-K4 child is beginning to gain more independence and develop more friendships. The Pre-k classroom gives them the opportunity to interact with other children and grow in this area which will benefit them greatly in the coming years. It is a time to learn how to handle the many social situations that arise in a classroom environment. Pre-K4 is also academic with a basic introduction to curriculum the children will see more in depth in kindergarten. We are learning all around the curriculum all day long through the Archdiocesan Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines which include: ILA, math and religion as well as the integrated content areas of social studies, science, music/movement, large/small motor activities and art. Pre-K combines it all into a wonderful, learning filled year!


  • BSED West Chester University
  • M.Ed Cabrini College, with distinction
  • Dual Certification in Early Childhood/Elementary Education
  • Worked in various educational settings beginning in high school, throughout college and post graduate
  • Kindergarten Teacher, Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  • Title I Reading Instructor, Perkiomen Valley School District
  • Preschool/Pre-K Teacher, Zion Lutheran School