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Overview of Curriculum

Pre-K has it all! It is such a wonderful year of growth, learning and friendship. Pre-K is equal parts academic and social. Socially, the Pre-K4 child is beginning to gain more independence and develop more friendships. The Pre-k classroom gives them the opportunity to interact with other children and grow in this area which will benefit them greatly in the coming years. It is a time to learn how to handle the many social situations that arise in a classroom environment. Pre-K4 is also academic with a basic introduction to curriculum the children will see more in depth in kindergarten. We are learning all around the curriculum all day long through the Archdiocesan Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines which include: ILA, math and religion as well as the integrated content areas of social studies, science, music/movement, large/small motor activities and art. Pre-K combines it all into a wonderful, learning filled year!