Sixth Grade

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Sixth Grade

Lauren Gorman

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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that you need to have a collaborative classroom. It is important that the students have a say and their opinions are heard. I feel that it is incredibly important that the students feel comfortable and confident to be themselves and not be afraid of making mistakes in the classroom. I hold my students to high standards and push them to be the best student that they can be. I give all students guidelines and support that will help them find success.

I target different learning styles by bringing multiple teaching techniques into the classroom in order for all students to have success in the classroom.

I put all my effort and knowledge into teaching my students and I ask two things from my students: try their best and to commit to their own education.

Overview of Curriculum

As the Sixth Grade homeroom teacher, I teach Science to the Sixth Grade,  and I teach Math to Grades 5-8.

For Math: The fifth grade curriculum focuses on further development of fractions and geometry, as well as an introduction to decimals. The sixth graders will develop a deeper understanding of measurements, and begin to manipulate integers, which will foster algebraic thinking. The seventh grade curriculum delves into probability and statistics, while still developing algebraic thinking. Finally, the eighth graders will experience a heavy focus on algebraic expressions and equations, as well as an expansion of geometry concepts.
The sixth grade science the topics include space, history of the earth, weather, and earth science.  The students will study and explore topics about the earth and complete labs and demonstrations in the classroom.


  • Bachelors of Science in Middle School Education with a minor in Math from Saint Joseph’s University
  • Masters of Science in Special Education from Saint Joseph’s University
  • Formerly the Math Specialist at OMC (Horizons Math and Advanced Math)